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You will get FREE Access to PROVEN Strategies From Successful Moms WHO KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO GET MORE:


You will know exactly how to divide your time and be productive all day long


You will be able to charge right and never have to prove your self-worth to anyone ever again!


Through easy self-care and meal hacks and meditations you will feel energetic on busiest of days

What Makes the Summit Different?

We all talk about earning 6 figures in business and drinking wine but the difficult conversations that make real impact in your business and personal life are not discussed. These summit points out those difficult moments in a mom entrepreneur's life. It touches all points that make up a mom-preneur's true success story. We cover self-care, self-esteem, self-worth, marketing yourself, creating business plans, mindsets, difficult conversations, anxiety remedies and more.

What makes this summit unique...

1. Almost 90% speakers are going to be live and there for you

2. Mind-Blowing/Courageous Moms are going to participate! I love action-takers and am so glad to be associated with them. If you are an action taker mom you need to be on this summit even though you are not an entrepreneur yet! Busy working moms will get a lot of value from this summit.

3. They all take self-care seriously and show you how they do that while making money and running behind their littles

4. Some of these moms started business while they were pregnant or while they had children and were working 60+ hours full time

5. These speakers have never come together in one particular event with each other ever before

The Summit All-Access Pass Includes…


  • 30+ masterclasses and interviews
  • Additional 5 recorded speaker sessions
  • 30+ Actionable Downloadable Guides
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  • Exclusive discount on Thrive Theme Member
  • Exclusive discount on Sparkle Box
  • Mindfulness Without Meditation masterclass
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Sneha Jhanb
Sneha Jhanb
Mindful Productivity Expert

About the Summit Host

Sneha Jhanb - Self-Care Advocate and Mindful Productivity Expert (Kaizen Mommy)

Sneha is an industrial engineer turned online entrepreneur, mom of 2 boys under 5. She is passionate about Kaizen strategies and bringing mindfulness into motherhood and workplace. She brings 10+ years of productivity and process improvement experience from the manufacturing world where she helped leading industries save big dollars.

In her spare time she loves playing dinosaurs and superheroes, cooking curry and reading books... and of course when time permits connecting with her dearest husband.